Six arrested and three charged with receiving stolen goods in Oslo

PolicePolice.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Six people were arrested, and one woman and her two sons were charged with receiving stolen goods after the Oslo police acted against a car wash in Oslo this week.


The arrests and robbery on Monday were linked to persons who the police believe are affiliated with a criminal network in Oslo south wrote the police in a press release.

The starting point for the action was a trial against three people for receiving stolen goods. According to VG newspaper, the three were a woman and her two sons.

Those charged were presented for detention in Oslo district court on Wednesday afternoon.The 43 year old woman was released,but the police maintained the trial for receiving stolen goods.One son, aged 22, was detained for four weeks with a letter and visits ban.The second 24 years old son was released.

“The police have reason to suspect that this was a criminal activity and that individuals gained high values from criminal offences.The operation is part of the ongoing efforts against criminal networks and gangs in Oslo south, and this shows that the effort is giving visible results” said service director, Gry Lene Sem, at the Manglerud police station.

The police also had assistance from several collaborators people working at the carwash.


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