Six members of Young Bloods charged with drug crimes

Oslo district court, Oslo courthouse, Female fraudster Tøyen Murder 51 years in prison AmmerudOslo district court. Photo:

Six central gang members in ‘Young Bloods’ have been charged with serious drug crimes after the “mafiaparagrafen”.The Oslo police have investigated the matter for a year.


The police believe they can prove that Young Bloods have organised  drug sales using so-called “flags”, where drug deals are done with hundreds of people at the same time reported TV 2.

“We believe that activities like this show that they have organised over time to sell drugs to ordinary people,” said police counsel,Andreas Meeg-Bentzen.

The defendants are aged 19-24 and are from Holmlia and Søndre Nordstrand in Oslo.

‘’These are key members of Young Bloods. They are resident south of Oslo,’’ said Meeg-Bentzen.

The accusation embraces section 79c of the Criminal Code, which deals with organised crime, previously referred to as the ‘Mafia Charter’(mafiaparagrafen).

According to TV 2, one of the defendants is accused of having a leadership role in the gang. He denies the charges, according to the defence lawyer. The other lawyers in the case have either not answered TV 2’s inquiries,did not talk with their clients, or did not want to comment on the charges.


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