Six people charged with training dogs to kill other animals

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Six people are accused of training dogs to attack other living animals within fenced areas.


Among the defendants in the animal abuse case is an employee at a veterinary clinic, according to NRK news.

According to Økokrim (The Economic Crime Division), rabbits, pigs, badgers, cats, and rats had been used as live bait without any opportunity to escape the attack dogs.

The police have secured video that shows the dogs attacking rabbits, pigs and badgers within fenced areas.

‘We have quite extensive evidence in the form of documents and video recordings,’ said Inge Svae-Grotli, the state prosecutor in the case.

The dogs are breeds of American bulldog and blood hound.

Two of the defendants are from Buskerud, three from Østfold, and one from Sweden. The kills occurred mainly in Buskerud and Østfold, where four of the defendants live, but also elsewhere in the country.

Additionally, the dogs were taken on wild boar hunts in France, where such hunting, unlike Norway, is legal.

Økokrim believes that the defendants had also been doing this in Norway, and that one of the defendants had smuggled a wild boar from France to use as prey in Norway.

The trial begins on January the 16th in Kongsberg and Eiker District Court, and is set to last for eight weeks.


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