Six people injured in a car accident in Fet

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Six people injured in a car accident in Fet

Two adults and four children were injured in a car accident in Fet in Romerike Monday afternoon. Three cars were involved in the collision.


– There was a solid collision between two of the cars. The third was more peripheral. In total, two adults and four children were injured in the accident,says Operations Manager in East Police District, Terje Marstad, NTB.

A person is sent to hospital with uncertain injuries, two people are sent to the doctor for check-up, while three others were treated on site.

One of the people involved was briefly trapped inside the car after the collision, but the emergency services who arrived at the scene of the accident freed that person.

It is currently unclear what the cause of the accident, which occurred in Kompveien near Tofsrudveien in Fet, is.

Six-years-old died in the motocross accident in Oppdal

A boy aged six died in the motocross accident in Oppdal on Sunday. The police are investigating whether a criminal offense has been committed.

A participant lost control of the motorcycle and hit the six-years-old. The boy received first aid, but his life could not to be saved, according to NRK.

The boy was from the Malvik municipality in Trøndelag, the police reports.

They can say little about the course of events.

– Preliminary investigation shows that the boy was standing near to the track, without being able to go into detail on how close he was. Nor will I go into detail regarding the actual collision, but we have an idea of how it happened, says police adviser in Trøndelag police district, Kåre Svepstad, to NRK.

The police have questioned several witnesses and have not yet completed this task.

– Our aim is to find out what has happened and why, and if there has been any criminal offense committed. There are no criminal charges being made at present, says Svepstad.

The motocross driver, a fourty four-years-old man, was not seriously injured physically.

– But this is naturally a big strain on him, says Svepstad.

The accident occured on the motocross course belonging to Norsk Motorklubb Oppdal, located near the centre of Oppdal.

Lifeless person retrieved from the river in Porsgrunn

A lifeless person is retrieved from the Porsgrunn River in Porsgrunn. Life-saving first aid is in progress.

– We have got the person onto dry land. Life-saving measures are in progress, states the Southeast Police District.

The Emergency Services were notified that there was a lifeless person in the river near the Porsgrunn River promenade and scrambled to the place.

Dead person found after salvage of wrecked fishing boat

In connection with the salvage of the sjark “Kristine” (fishing boat), which sunk at Maursund in North Troms in 2016, the salvagers on Sunday found a dead person, the police reports.

The Sjark “Kristine sunk during the night of June 18th, 2016 and was later located on 30 metres depth in the Risa Fjord, writes the newspaper Nordlys. This Sunday the boat was salvaged, and it was in connection with this that the salvagers found a corpse. A 52-years-old man from Vannvåg in Karlsøy municipality has been reported missing since the shipwreck occurred.

– The body is retrieved from the seabed. The police are now initiating the identification, which will take a few days. The relatives of the missing person after the shipwreck of “Kristine” in 2016 have been notified of the discovery, the police says in a press release on Monday.

The missing 52-years-old was an occupational fishermen and the only one aboard the sjark when it disappeared. The Norwegian Accident Investigation Board did not wish to salvage the wreck after the accident. Nordlys wrote, because it allegedly was not actively fishing when it went under. the family of the missing person strongly disagreed with this decision.


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