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Six out of ten do not know the blood alcohol limit at sea

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Many accidents involving pleasure craft occur under the influence of alcohol. A new survey shows that six out of ten respondents do not know what the blood alcohol limit is at sea.
In the survey, 1,000 Norwegians asked about their views were on using alcohol on board a pleasure boat. A full 60 percent of respondents did not know what blood alcohol limit is at sea. The proportion was higher among women (69 percent) than men (51 percent).

While the blood alcohol limit on land is 0.2, the limit at sea 0.8. In survey, 47 percent said they believe blood alcohol limit should be the same at sea as on land.

Of respondents 7 percent said they have driven a yacht under the influence of alcohol. So far this year ten people died after accidents while yachting. The statistics from the Norwegian Maritime Directorate do not demonstrate how many of those had over the limit blood alcohol levels.
YouGov conducted the survey on behalf of Codan Forsikring.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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