Six tourists to the emergency room from a grounded boat in Tromsø

Boat accident,TromsøTromsø.Photo: RS Gideon / Redningsselskapet / NTB scanpix

The 20 tourists who were aboard the tourist boat that ran aground near Tromsø on Monday afternoon were brought to safety and examined by health personnel.

The press spokesperson at the University Hospital Northern Norway in Tromsø has informed NRK that six of the passengers have been taken to the emergency room for follow-up.

The tourist boat hit a jetty that was underwater in Rystraumen. The main rescue center has been notified that there is some leakage of diesel and oil. The rescue vessel Gideon from Tromsø assisted at the scene.

The Coast Guard, the Norwegian Coastal Administration, the rescue company and a fire boat are trying to get the boat off the ground. The vessel has a hole in the hull.

“Right now it is completely immovable. It is now up to the Norwegian Coastal Administration to see if they can manage to get the boat off the ground,” says Robin Lindberg, who is the site’s operations manager.

The tourists were taken over in other vessels that came to the rescue. It is a quiet sea with snow showers in the coastal area.

“When there are so many people involved, we act broadly to begin with until we get control of the situation,” says rescue leader Tomas Ringen at the Norwegian National Emergency Rescue Center to NTB.

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