Six-year-old died after mistreatment at Haukeland

Hospital Haukeland Hospital.Photo: SCANPIX

Six-year-old died after mistreatment at Haukeland in Bergen

A six-year-old boy is dead after a hospital blunder at Haukeland University Hospital. The hospital apologizes.


– Our Djabrail just left us, writes the family’s spokesman, Aslan Emzeev, to Bergensavisen Thursday evening.

Djabrail Sulejmanov (6) was then disconnected from the respirator at Rikshospitalet in Oslo, his life was not possible to save.

– Thank you very much for your support and attention, says the family’s spokesman on Thursday. Hospital director Eivind Hansen says to Bergens Tidende (BT) that he received the message of the death on the same day.

– We are sorry that Haukeland’s error meant that this young boy died today. Our thoughts go to the relatives. They have been heavily burdened through these weeks, says Hansen.


The cancerous boy from Bærum was operated for brain tumor on August 6. He subsequently received chemotherapy at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, when the erroneous medication took place on August 22.

There was to be administered two syringes with chemotherapy – one in the head and one intravenously, but a doctor allegedly switched the syringes and injected the wrong dose in the head. According to the boy’s mother, the doctor who was supposed to inject the other dose discovered the fatal error.

– When the doctor discovered that the syringe was empty, the doctor started shouting and screaming that they had killed the boy, she has explained to BT.

Djabrail was immediately operated and placed in an artificial coma. It soon became clear that the error that was committed had life-threatening consequences.


According to the parents, the doctors said two days later that everything was going to be alright, but the next day a doctor allegedly said that they were going to disconnect him from the respirator.

Haukeland has explained that the child had suffered injuries that were incompatible with further life.

On the request of the parents, Djabrail was however transferred to the Rikshospital in Oslo for an assessment by other specialists. After ten days in the respirator, they realized that it was not possible to save his life.

Supervision case

The day after the medicinal error, Haukeland notified the Norwegian Health Service, which has filed a supervision case.

The police is also routinely informed.

Haukeland has also previously apologized for what has happened and changed the routines so that it can not happen again. Their clinical ethics committee is also involved in the matter. The doctor who made the mistake is on sick leave as a result of the case.

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