Skate rink on the road in several places

Slippery road skate rinkSkate Rink conditions in Eastern Norway. Photo:

Skate rink on the road in several places in the East

Several police districts the night before Saturday warn about difficult driving conditions due to “skate rink” roads and snow.


In the Oslo Police District alone they moved out to seven or eight traffic incidents after midnight.

– We have very many traffic-related events tonight. There are cars slip-sliding around everywhere, says Operation Manager in the Oslo Police District, Tor Jøkling, to NTB just before 3 am on Saturday.

– Fortunately, there have been no major personal injuries, but we have to move out to assess the severity and, additionally, possibly assist in directing the traffic, he amplifies.

At 3 am, two cars were involved in an accident at Skulleruddumpa. Earlier in the evening, a car landed on its roof at Romsås in a one-car accident.

Around 4 am the traffic problems started to lessen, but Jøkling does not deny that there can be lager problems in store when people wake up and venture out with their cars on Saturday morning.

– When there have been so many incidents during the night, you might wonder how it can develop, Jøkling tells Dagbladet.

– We encourage people who do not have to drive to leave their car behind. And if you venture out, you have to drive carefully. It’s slippier than you might think.

He says that it is zero degrees weather and a “skate rink” on the roads.

Foreign truck drivers on summer tires are finding this out the hard way. The police have received several notifications regarding foreign vehicles, which are left spinning on the spot.

The Norwegian Road Traffic Centre has likewise issued a warning on Saturday morning.

« Due to the snowfall in the last 24 hours, it is difficult to drive everywhere in Eastern Norway », they Tweet.

Three cars in the ditch

It is chaotic in several other Police Districts in Norway as well. Outside Rygge in Østfold, three cars landed in the ditch around 1 am.

– There are three cars that have wound up in the ditch waiting for salvage, one or two other cars are also involved, Operation Manager in the East Police District, Gisle Sveen, tells NTB at 1.25 am.

No personal injury has been reported, but some of the vehicles have material damage.

– There are very slippery driving conditions and reduced accessibility on the spot, Sveen warns. He implores chauffeurs to drive according to the conditions.

The police have also contacted the Road Traffic Centre and requested snow-ploughing in the area.

Ended up in a rock wall

Earlier on Friday, around 10 pm, a car ended up against a rock wall at Rakkestadveien in the same Police District. That caused major material damage, but no injury to the driver. There are reports of slippery roads all over the district.

Motorists have ended up in trouble elsewhere in Eastern Norway. In the Southeast Police District, a car landed on its side in Larvik just after 11 pm. Two and a half hours later, a foreign vehicle is reported to be stuck and blocks the road at Notodden in Kongsberg.


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