Skiing is challenged by the unusual February heat

Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

The warm temperatures continue throughout the country, going up to 15 degrees in some places.

In the north, we will get usual February weather again.But in the south,the warm temperatures will last for the month.

Warm weather and high temperatures are the key words for the weekend and early next week.

‘’It is certainly above normal for the whole country.

In the south, this will last until the end of February and normalise only in March, while it looks like it will normalise slightly earlier in the north’’ said state meteorologist, Magni Svanevik, at the Meteorological Institute.


In Northern Norway, there is rain and a marked rise in temperature forecast from Friday.

‘’For example, in Tromsø it coukd be up to five plus degrees.That it could get even warmer is not impossible.

It could be an extra effect because warm air from higher up declines’’ she said.

Northern Norway will get rain through the weekend and some wind.It will also rain quite high in the mountains.The temperature will drop slightly at the beginning of next week, but there will still be warmer temperatures in many places.And the rain will continue.

‘’It will get pretty wet in the north. Finnmark will also get rainfall, but not so much’’ said Svanevik.

Clear in the west

In Western Norway it will also experience warmer temperatures.

Most rain is coming from the north in western Norway, while Rogaland will get less rain and the finest weather through the weekend.We will get the highest temperatures in Møre og Romsdal.Here it could also get quite warm in higher altitudes, which could knock down as a blowing effect and give temperatures of 10 to 15 degrees.

‘’There is also rain quite high up in the mountains. On the mountain passes,the rainfall could probably come as sleet with zero temperatures.Next week it may build up to a high pressure zone with a little finer weather.And then the temperatures could be slightly lower.

Also in Trøndelag, there will be high temperatures and grey skies.It will mainly turns grey and rain all weekend, and next week.But maybe some periods of finer weather’’ the meteorologist said.

However, count on a bit cooler weather next week, which could bring temperatures down during the nights.

The heat continues

Also in Eastern Norway and in Southern Norway the temperature will rise during Friday. It will be a little cloudy on Friday and Saturday,but Sunday will be fine. The heat continues,while it will remain dry.

‘’It could get extra warm.Temperatures may go up to 10-15 degrees during the weekend.,which is extremely warm for the time of year’’said Svanevik.

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