’Skippy’ on the run on Karmøy is home again

Kangaroo Karmøy ZooKangaroo Photo: Pixabay.com

Gray giant Kangaroo on the run on Karmøy – found and home again

Around 10 pm the kangaroo was located about one kilometer from the zoo. It was stunned with an anesthetic arrow and sent to the vet for a check, NRK reports. The Checkup showed that the kangaroo sustained serious damage from barbed wire during it’s walkabout, and therefore had to be put down.


The CEO at Haugaland Zoo on Karmøy is now deploying sheep dogs, in the hope of catching the kangaroo which skedaddled Tuesday night.


When the kangaroos in the tiny Haugaland Zoo – which is located in Torvastad on Karmøy in Rogaland – were to be fed, one of them escaped. According to Karmøynytt, it has been observed in the area surrounding the golf course, but nobody has managed to catch the kangaroo as of yet.

Search until 2 am

– We had people out to until 2 am to no avail. Today, we employ sheep dogs. We presume that the kangaroo stays in the area, says CEO Bernt Kai Velde to NRK.

According Velde is the kangaroo not dangerous, but they ask people who may encounter it to be quiet as to not frighten it.

According to Karmøynytt, Haugaland Zoo is the only one in Norway that has gray giant kangaroos.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today