Small animals seriously mistreated in high school

Rabitt. Photo:

Several small animals have been mistreated in a brutal way, and also killed by intruders who broke into Hvam High School.

The school has an agricultural section with its own small animals department. When staff came to school on Friday morning, they found several animals killed in a demonstrably bestial manner; a hen with its head grated, and a rabbit that had been skinned and hung from the ceiling’, reported the newspaper Raumnes.

‘This is a scandalous incident that we’ve never experienced before’, said inspector Gunnar Foseid, of the Nes police station.

Forensic officers (Kriminalitet Teknikere) are sifting through what they can track on-site.

Police do not know the motive, but don’t believe that it concerns any ritual ceremony.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today