Smallest amount of murders in 25 years

Exterior photo of Kripos at Bryn in Oslo.Oslo 20131205. Exterior photo of Kripos at Bryn in Oslo. Foto: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB scanpix
23 people were killed in Norway in 2015. This is the lowest figure since the police began keeping murder statistics in 1960.
Most of the killings occurred after a quarrel in either the victim or perpetrator home and almost all the victims – 20 – had a relationship with the perpetrator. Ten of them the partner or ex-partner of the perpetrator, according to the Police statistics.
Knives were used in ten of the cases, making it the  most popular murder weapon that year. Three of homicide victims were shot with a pistol, and three were strangled.
Among the 23 people who have been with the murders, there are 22 men and 1 woman. 14 of the accused are Norwegians.
The murder of a 40-year-old Norwegian-Pakistani in a parking place in Oslo in April is the only murder where nobody have pressed any charges. There hasn’t been a ruling yet  in any of the cases.
The killings were distributed in ten of the 27 old police districts. The only districts that had more homicides in 2015 than 2014 were Oslo (10), Agder (3) and Hordaland (2).
NCIS ‘murder statistics include only willful and premeditated murder, not manslaughter.
Source: NTB scanpix/ Norway Today