Snapchat looking into the Norwegian media market

Snapchat sniffs at the Norwegian media marketSnapchat.Photo.AdamPrzezdziek

Two of the top executives of Snapchat have been having secret meetings with several Norwegian media houses in order to discuss Norwegian news content on the mobile app.

Last week two of Snapchat’s top executives  travelled from Paris and Los Angeles to Oslo to talk to Norwegian media houses, newspaper Dagens Næringsliv writes.
According to the newspaper, the US technology company is interested in business partners and content providers within culture, news and sport in Norway.
Several Norwegian media already have their own channels on Snapchat, but what is now being discussed is to contribute news to the mobile app’s official news section, Discover.
Both VG, 2 TV, Aller Media and Aftenposten confirm that they have been in talks with Snapchat.  Geir E. Engen, who is the technical manager for digital development in the Media Businesses’ Association (MBL), says the same.
– They presented Snapchat Discover to me and had a lot of questions about the Norwegian media market. I understood that Snapchat wanted to expand in Norway, but did not get any details beyond that. It was fun talking to them and I found them genuinely curious,  Engen says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today