Snow in Tromsø, heat in Southern Norway

Snow Longyearbyen TromsøSnowcaps on the mountain tops at Lonyearbyen. June 30, 2019: Photo: Meterologene.

Snow in Tromsø, heat in Southern Norway

The last Saturday in June offers great variations in the weather. In Tromsø they woke up to snow, while the south Norwegians basked in the sun (at least those not residing in the south-west).

Saturday is sour, wet and cold in large parts of Northern Norway. In the south, Norwegians experience the hottest day of the year – with up to 31 degrees Celsius in the shadow.

Gjerstad in Aust-Agder municipality measures 31.1 degrees Celsius at 4 pm, according to Agderposten.

The contrast is great to the scale on Tromsøya, which shows just over 3 oC in the middle of the day, according to Nordlys. At Kvaløysletta, the minimum temperature is only 1.8 oC.

Betterment on Sunday

We promise better weather later on Sunday. Troms and Finnmark, in particular, seem to get a nice afternoon and evening with a dash of sun, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute tweets.

“It is not abnormal with snowfall in Tromsø this time of year,” State Meteorologist, Anita Ager-Wick, tells NRK.

“It’s not unusual for it to snow, but it’s not something that is particularly popular or that you wish for. Last year, for example, it was snowfall at Tromsdalstinden, as late as in July.

The high temperatures of the last few days in the south will decrease in the coming days, according to State Meteorologist Kristen Gislefoss.

“There will be a lot of overcast weather, clouds and rainfall most places in Norway,” Gislefoss tells NTB regarding the next few days. The exemption looks to be the southwesterly corner of this elongated country (for a change).

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