Snowmobile driver dies after avalanche

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Snowmobile driver dies after avalanche in Troms

A 30-years-old snowmobile driver died in an avalanche at Kildal in Nordreisa in northern Troms on Thursday afternoon.


The Troms Police District reported about the avalanche on Twitter at 6 pm. Just over half an hour later, the police reported that the snowmobile driver was located in snow masses and that he was treated by healthcare professionals.

Just before 7.30 pm the police confirmed that the man was dead. The area was then searched and, according to the police, there was no reason to believe that anybody else were involved in the avalanche.

According to Opertions Manager in the Police,  Stig Rasmussen, the avalanche was not very big.

– The man has driven in the terrain, and the avalanche buried him in the forest. He was found in the lower part of the avalanche, Rasmussen says to Nordlys (The Northern Light).

The Operations Manager tells Framtid i Nord (the Future in the North) that the deceased man was from Nordreisa. The municipality’s crisis team has been notified and is available if needed.

There is a high danger of avalanches in the area, and the danger level will remain so for the next couple of days.

Woman injured in fall accident at Hovden

A woman in her late teens has been flown to Ullevål Hospital in Oslo after a fall accident at Hovden in Setesdalen municipality.


– It is assumed that the woman tumbled between 40 and 50 metres down, but it is difficult to determine the exact height, says Head of Operations in the Agder Police District, Geir Andersen to NRK.

The accident happened at Hovdenuten around 3 pm on Maundy Thursday. Arild Isaksen witnessed the incident and was the first to arrive at the scene of the accident.

– She did not fall straight down, but rather tumbled head over heel down the mountain. To be honest, I did not think she had survived otherwise, says Isaksen to Fædrelandsvennen.

The woman was conscious when she was flown to hospital. It is presently not known how seriously injured she is.


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