So-called ‘doomsday clock’ shows two minutes to midnight

EarthEarth.Photo: Pixabay

‘’Doomsday’’ is still near, in fact, just two minutes away’’ said The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in the United States.

The organisation’s symbolic doomsday watch, which illustrates how close humanity is to destroying the globe, is adjusted once a year.

Last year it was adjusted 30 seconds to 2 minutes to midnight, which it also stands at after this year’s adjustment.

The doomsday clock saw the light of day in 1947, two years after several of the researchers who had been involved in developing the US’s first atomic bomb founded The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

While during the Cold War, first and foremost, the danger of nuclear war absorbed the researchers, they have, since 2007, also considered the consequences of climate change for life on earth.

Only once before has the clock been so close to midnight as now, and it was in 1953 when the United States and the Soviet Union tested hydrogen bombs. So there’s a jolly story.

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