So far this winter, almost 100 wolves have been detected in Norway and Sweden

WolvesPhoto: Heiko Junge / NTB

Between 94 and 98 wolves have been detected so far this winter, Rovdata reports. A total of 24 wolves were killed in the same period.

From October 1 to February 2, 50 wolves that only stay in Norway have been detected. Furthermore, between 37 and 39 wolves in border areas with Sweden were also detected, while between 7 and 9 wolves currently have an uncertain border status.

The vast majority of wolves have been registered in Innlandet and Viken, according to a preliminary report from Høgskolen i Innlandet, commissioned by Rovdata, which is responsible for operating, communicating, and developing the Norwegian Large Predator Monitoring Program. 

Only two wolves have been found in other counties, in Vestland and Rogaland, and both were shot.


The Norwegian Environmental Protection Agency encourages people to report if they see wolves or wolf tracks, especially when new litters are suspected.

So far this winter, litter of wolf pups have been documented in the four all-Norwegian territories of Hornmoen, Kynna, Mangen, and Aurskog. 

Litters have also been confirmed in the six border areas of Varåa, Ulvåa, Juvberget, Kockohonka, Kymmen, and Rømskog. 

In Boksjøreviret, one wolf litter has also been detected, but it has not been clarified on which side of the border the wolves are currently staying.

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