Compulsive daily registration for young Social benefits applicants in Stavanger

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Stavanger City Council will discuss a proposal expecting new young recipients of social benefits to present themselves at the social security office every morning to be given a task.

The initiative comes from the Progressive Party and is a measure to deal with a situation where the city is experiencing a sharp increase in young people seeking social assistance, writes Stavanger Aftenblad.
– The intention is to distinguish between those who are genuine applicants and those who are not, as they have done in Drammen. Because many then did not show up, the municipality saved NOK 17 million in payments over one year. We believe Stavanger thus can save around ten million , says Sissel Stenberg in FRP.
The Livelihoods Board and Council board  have already unanimously passed the decision for compulsory  registration and activity duty, and on Monday it will be discussed by the City Council.
Those in the 18-30 age group who do not comply with the daily registration should know that it will have consequences, but Stenberg says there should also be room for discretion.
– It is clear that you are allowed to be sick, and normal absence reasons for people need apply. The social security office will use common sense and judgment, but if one shirks work there must be consequences.
Stenberg says the administration must be creative in finding tasks that the youth can undertake , but says it is unlikely they require them to work eight hours every day.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today