Solberg: Fully vaccinated Norwegians will be able to go cross-border shopping this month

Erna SolbergPhoto: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) says that fully vaccinated Norwegians will be able to start traveling to Sweden again, without being quarantined, during June.

“It will probably not take long before those who are protected or who are fully vaccinated can leave. It will happen during June,” Solberg told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

Solberg said that the infection pressure in Sweden and the vaccination progress in Norway would determine whether people can travel across the border without being quarantined when they return.

Just over one million Norwegians have now received two corona vaccine doses.

Unvaccinated people will probably have to wait

The infection pressure in Sweden has recently fallen sharply.

Solberg says that the unvaccinated will probably have to wait longer before they can travel to Sweden without quarantine.

“It depends on how much immunity we have in the Norwegian population and the infection pressure in Sweden. But we can see a time when people will be able to travel back to their cabin or go on a shopping trip in Sweden. All these things will be within reach in a month or two,” Solberg said.

Earlier in the day, assistant health director Espen Nakstad told Dagbladet that it would be possible to travel when the infection pressure decreases or when a vaccine certificate is in place.

Travel restrictions and shopping

The shops in Strømstad and the other shopping towns along the border with Norway have suffered due to the strict travel restrictions.

At the same time, turnover in Norwegian grocery stores and Vinmonopolet has increased sharply as a result of the sudden stop in cross-border and tax-free shopping.

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