Solberg impressed by peace speeches

Paris, France.Prime Minister Erna Solberg and President of France Emmanuel Macron.Photo: Johan Falnes / NTB scanpix

Prime Minister Erna Solberg believes German Prime Minister Angela Merkel and France’s President Emmanuel Macron held strong talks at the Paris Peace Summit.


“Especially Merkel’s speech at the opening of the Paris Peace Forum on Sunday afternoon was ver impressive,” Solberg says.

Merkel and Macron both used their talks at the memorials to come with powerful warnings against the dangers of nationalist self-sufficiency and isolationism ideals.

“We must fight back on attacks to the liberal international order,” said Solberg to NTB.

She believes the attacks come from several different sides – through war and conflict, through human rights violations and the fact that superpowers prefer to settle between one by one instead of going through international forums.

The Prime Minister admits that in some questions there are signs of isolationism in Norway as well, but Norwegians believe that they have an open attitude.

– “When you measure attitudes in Norway, you can see that Norway is an internationally oriented country. It is quite high in Norway because we depend on the rest of the world,” she says.

At the peace summit, Solberg was with tens of world leaders, including US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

They just did not talk to them, but Solberg still reached a wide range in her choice of conversation partners. The list includes Canada, Costa Rica, Latvia, Croatia and Senegal, she says.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today