Solberg: – We do not have a girls network that attempts to rule the world

Angela Merkel (R) and Prime Minister of Norway Erna SolbergGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel (R) and Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg attend a news conference in the chancellery in Berlin, Germany, November 8, 2016. REUTERS/Axel Schmidt

Prime Minister Erna Solberg thinks it can inspire young women if Hillary Clinton wins the US presidential elections. But there is no secret women’s world in politics, she says.

Erna Solberg warmed up for tonight’s election vigil at a working lunch with German Prime Minister Angela Merkel in Berlin on Tuesday afternoon.

When they met the press afterwards, they received several questions about the expectations of the presidential election.

Merkel responded briefly and diplomatically when news agency NTB asked her what it would mean if we get a female US president.

–  We may then get a little more equilibrium between women and men in senior positions, said Merkel.

– And maybe it will be inspiring for young women, who can then see that politics is not just for men, supplemented Solberg.

– But we do not have a girls network that attempts to rule the world. Of that I can assure you, she said.

Waiting in anticipation

Merkel has so far spoken very carefully about the candidates in the US presidential election.

When TV2’s reporter wanted to know what a Trump-victory could mean for security and defense cooperation, she contented herself by stating that the transatlantic partnership is an important one for Germany, not least because of NATO.

– Election Day is an important and big day for democracy in the United States, and now we are waiting in excitement for the outcome, she added.

Also Solberg has been reticent when making statements, although she has to a greater extent than her German colleague let it shine through whom she is closer to politically.

– It is important that the Norwegian prime minister does not speak out about personal preferences, says Solberg. The reason being that Norway must live with the president elected no matter who it is, she explains.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today