Solberg praised Merkel’s balancing act at the G20

G20G20.Hamburg, Germany. Prime Minister Erna Solberg, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, believes the German host of the G20 summit has done an excellent job of finding compromises without depleting final decisions too greatly.


‘She is very skilled at finding good solutions, and applies pressure where it’s necessary,’ said Solberg to NTB news agency.

She is pleased with the final declaration from the G20 summit, where Norway was a guest country.

German Prime Minister Angela Merkel had the very difficult task of finding compromises between the USA’s President, Donald Trump, and the other participants at the summit. But this is something Merkel is skilled at, Solberg said.

‘She talks to them, it’s necessary to talk to make movement,’ she said, explaining little to nothing about which movements were made.

Climate became a very difficult area of discussion in the negotiations. The solution was a statement from the United States, explaining its policy in one section, while the other nations gave their position in the next.

‘In this way, you didn’t deduct from the wording, or mention of the Paris agreement for the 19 other countries,’ Solberg told NTB news agency.

The differences were also great in trade policy. But it’s too simplistic to say that it was Trump against the rest, said Solberg.

‘It’s a problem that the United States doesn’t help to pull the world forward in the case of climate. But on other issues, I don’t feel that the United States are opposed to the others in the same way. There, I feel that there are many nations with different interests’, said the prime minister.

‘This is always the case with trade. There, they have their industries, their own areas, and their balance’, she said.

Britain’s Sunday Express speculated that the differences between Trump and Merkel may not be as wide as press publicity heralds, as they were both photographed at the summit making what has been termed the ‘Merkel-Raute’ or ‘Merkel Diamond’ hand sign, which the Express associated with what they called the ‘Illuminati’, which is more clearly expressed as a secret cabal of corporate and banking interests.

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  1. ‘It’s a problem that the United States doesn’t help to pull the world forward in the case of climate’? Yet Norway’s government continues to focus on oil, even in the Arctic, and little else. If politicians wish to be taken seriously, they really need to stop blatantly contradicting themselves, in public and especially on the world stage.

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