Solberg thanks Kristelig Folkeparti (KrF) for still being in government

Christian People's PartySola.Prime Minister Erna Solberg is speaking at a national meeting of the Christian People's Party.Photo: Marius Helge Larsen / NTB Scanpix

Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Høyre (H) admitted that the battle in KrF in the autumn spread turmoil in Høyre. Now she thanked the party for still being prime minister.

‘’Thank you very much for standing here and for my being prime minister’’ said Solberg to cheers, applause, and laughter from the auditorium during KrF’s national conference at Sola on Saturday.

Had it not been for KrF last autumn seeking governmental co-operation with Høyre, Venstre and Fremskrittsparti (Frp), Solberg would probably have had to leave the prime minister’s office tand hand over to Jonas Gahr Støre.

Solberg admitted that she was extra nervous when KrF held an extraordinary national meeting at Gardermoen on November 2, 2018.

‘’I know that the last six months have been tough for you, and that the choice of direction you were going to take probably caused a lot of turmoil. But it also created a lot for us in Høyre. We were afraid that a 60-year-old friendship would come to an end’’ said Solberg.

‘’I also admit that we struggled a bit for you to choose us, and I would do it again. Good friendships are worth fighting for’’ she said.

Political stuff

In the autumn, Solberg received criticism when she met KrF’s demands for changes to the abortion law, while KrF was in the discussion whether they should enter the coalition government or choose the Arbeiderpartiet position.

VG newspaper also revealed that KrF deputy chairmen, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad and Olaug Bollestad had met with the Prime Minister while the party’s internal process was ongoing. The theme of the meeting was changes to the abortion law.

In what way did they help KrF?

‘’We participated in the political debate. With political issues’’ Solberg told NTB news.

Thanked Hareide

Although it could have tilted both ways, the prime minister emphasised that she has the deepest respect for the way KrF handled their selection. She also addressed a thank you to former party leader, Knut Arild Hareide, who initiated the process.

‘’I want to thank Knut Arild for a close and good cooperation for many years, both in position and opposition. We have had our disagreements, and sometimes a hot and cold relationship, but I have deep respect for the cooperation you have laid down, also to provide the country with a coalition government in 2013’ Solberg said.

“Although you might want another government now, I think you’ve done this in a forward-looking way” said the prime minister, hugging Hareide.

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