Solberg wants to take away social benefits from immigrants who do not learn Norwegian

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Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) says she wants immigrants to lose their finacial benefits when they are unable to get a job due to lack of Norwegian language skills.

Solberg tells VG that the government will send the proposal to remove social assistance from immigrants who do not learn Norwegian, for consultation.

Norwegian language is the key to our working life and Norwegian society. It should not be the case that someone will receive social assistance year upon year because they cannot get a job due to lack of language skills. We must therefore do something about it, the Prime minister told the newspaper.

Solberg says the government wants to change the law so that those who have a duty and the right to the Introductory program, where language coaching is provided, but who after completion still does not know enough Norwegian to get a job, must take another Norwegian course to receive financial support. Those who do not, will lose all or part of their financial support.

Initially, this will apply to asylum seekers and refugees under the age of 30, but it may apply to several other age groups in time. Solberg says that there would still be some exceptions if there is a disproportionate burden on someone.

For immigrants who have been here for many years and who are not self-reliant due to lack of Norwegian skills, the Prime Minister says they will introduce a duty for the municipalities to consider whether Norwegian courses should be a requirement.

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2 Comments on "Solberg wants to take away social benefits from immigrants who do not learn Norwegian"

  1. Excelent. They have all the opportunities to learn, free norwegian courses, all kind of benefits… If they don’t learn is because they are too lazy and love to have easy/free things from the government!

  2. Thomas Rustand | 8. August 2019 at 00:48 |

    finally a reason to vote for Høyre again

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