Solberg will discuss coverage of terrorism with Norwegian media

Prime Minister Erna SolbergPrime Minister Erna Solberg. Photo: Johan Falnes / NTB scanpix

Prime Minister Erna Solberg said that she will invite Norwegian media houses to a meeting to discuss how terrorist attacks are covered.

“We will invite media representatives to a meeting between Norwegian media houses, the editorial association and others to discuss which ethical self-regulation mechanisms should exist to deal with issues related to the media coverage of terrorist incidents” said Solberg.

“This is an area where we should work together” she said.

The initiative comes after Norway, on Wednesday, signed an international call for a fight against the proliferation of terrorist content online.

A number of countries and technology companies have joined forces. One of the measures suggested is that media should be encouraged to develop ethical standards for coverage of terrorist incidents.

Solberg emphasised that the starting point in Norway is that this should be done by the press itself, for example through the PFU, and not by, for example, adopting new laws or appointing a representative.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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