Solberg’s Easter message is to follow the mountain rules

easterOslo.The Prime Minister opens the Easter at the Red Cross.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

After a challenging winter with unusually many deaths in avalanches, Prime Minister Erna Solberg urged caution during the Easter celebration.

On Friday, the prime minister formally opened the Røde Kors relief organization’s Easter center in Hausmanns gate in Oslo. 1,200 volunteers from 150 guard stations around the country prepared to take care of Easter tourists in the mountains, as well as the 2,000 volunteers who are on the alert 24 hours a day all year round.

Despite persistent efforts by volunteers and health professionals, eleven people have lost their lives in avalanches so far this year. That is the highest death toll in nine years, and half of April still remains. In recent years, April has been the worst month for avalanche deaths.


“It is a frightening development, both in terms of the number of avalanches and the number of fatal accidents” said Solberg to NTB news.

“This emphasizes how incredibly important it is that people are aware that the mountains can be dangerous.

Even if you are very experienced in mountainous, there are currently weather conditions in Norway that have caused many avalanches to be triggered. We could get more changes in the conditions in the mountains because of the climate changes that are taking place” she continued.

Goes to warmer climes

The prime minister herself is not going on a mountain tour in the Easter holidays and is packing a bathing suit for a holiday in warmer regions. She still had clear advice for those who are planning mountain tours.

‘’The most important thing is to actually follow the mountain rules. It’s not just a fun sketch on television at Easter, these rules are important tips’’ she said.

“Listen to the weather forecast and remember that there is no shame in turning around. If you are going to reach a peak and the weather is such that the others in your tour group are not capable of reaching that peak, choose to turn back. The most important thing is not to get to all the peaks, but to get back safely to your cabin” said Solberg.

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