Soldiers of Odin were advised to not bring dogs

Soldiers of OdinDRAMMEN.Soldiers of Odin Ståle Fjellbekk (right) and Steffen Larsen Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix
The Soldiers of Odin were out patrolling the streets of Drammen on Saturday night.The  police advised the group to leave  the dogs they had brought with them at  home, as they could cause fear in the streets.
The procession of nine men were out patrolling  streets they believe police do not patrol very often, they told the photographer from the news agency NTB . It turned out to be a quiet night without any incidents where the group intervened. A couple of cars that drove by honked at the men, and some shouted that they are racists.
The group was however stopped by the police, who checked their identification and if some of them were armed. The police were about as many as the party of Soldiers of Odin and advised the group to send the two Spanish mastiffs they had brought along home , because bringing them along could create fear in the streets.
They  followed the advice, and the dogs took an early night, while the party told the NTB photographer that they planned to continue what they call the walk, until at 4am Sunday morning. A civilian police car followed them for large parts of the trip.
This is the second weekend the group are patrolling the streets in Norwegian cities.
– As we have stated previously, we do not want them to patrol the streets of Drammen, since there is nothing to suggest that need  someone else any one to patro the streets apart from the police,  police chief Øyvind Aas said to the webpaper  Drammen Live24.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today