Soldiers sell uniforms and ammunition online

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Norwegian soldiers sell uniforms and ammunition online

Last year, 211 criminal cases in the Armed Forces was reported to the police. This is an increase of 5 per cent from 2015.


In 2016, the military police notified 211 cases of profit crime. According to the military police’s annual report, Bergens Tidende writes. The year before, 199 cases were reported.

Terje Raknerud, chief investigator in the military police, says that in 2016 distinguished itself by the extent of handling of stolen goods.

– For the most part, it is talk of military equipment that appears for sale on and various buy and sell groups on Facebook. In the advertisements, we see that there are sold clothes and items that are only available in the Armed Forces, says Raknerud to BT.

Normal fluctuations

In most cases, there are former conscripts who sell uniforms and ammunition, and the cases are resolved with a fine. But there are also cases where staff in the Armed Forces have stolen weapons and sold them.

Frank Sølvsberg, Lieutenant Colonel and spokesman for the Armed Forces, says that economic offenses are being taken seriously and that even petty theft is reported.

Even though there have been more profit crimes, Sølvsberg believes it is within the normal fluctuations and that the total number of cases in the military police’s watch log has decreased.


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