Søreide says, ‘’It’s an absolutely terrible situation in Syria’’

Ine Eriksen SøreideForeign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

Foreign Minister, Ine Eriksen Søreide of Høyre (H) reacted strongly to reports of the bombing of civilian targets in Syria.


“When there’s more and more warfare, and when civilians are attacked again, it is a situation that is untenable,” said Søreide.

She referred to reports from the ground that indicate that attacks have deliberately been aimed at residential areas, and places where people gather for food.

“It obviously affects civilians,” she pointed out.

‘’It’s a terrible situation, and the UN has said very clearly that the bombing of civilians must stop.’’

In recent days, a massive bombing campaign has been reported against East Ghouta, a rebel-controlled area outside Syria’s capital of Damascus.

The offensive has led to speculation that a ground attack may be being planned.

“It hasn’t been confirmed, but there is no doubt that there is a clear escalation in an area that already had major challenges to humanitarian access, and where the civilian population is in a terrible situation,” said Søreide.

“The war is far from over. Although it seems calm on some fronts, one mustn’t believe that this is a country that is not in war’’, she emphasised.


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