Søreide sees five challenges with Brexit

Ine Eriksen SøreideForeign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide ( Conservative Party )Photo: Marita I. Wangberg, FD

Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide (H) says Norway should concentrate on five main challenges in approaching the British decision to break out of the EU.

– Brexit means changes in our relationship with the UK, but not to the EU. We have a common interest in  that the withdrawal is done in an orderly manner, ” Søreide said in her foreign policy statement to the Storting on Tuesday.

She concluded that it is important for Norway to put in place the same transitional regime, at the same time as the one agreed between the EU and the UK. In addition, the Government believes that Norway should have the same arrangements for relevant parts of the withdrawal agreements.

“This is especially true of Norwegian citizens in the UK and their earned rights, and for British citizens in Norway,” said Søreide.

Challenge number three is according to the government, to establish as close and comprehensive a relationship as possible with the British.

“Fourthly, we will follow closely when the EU develops any new forms of cooperation with third countries in the wake of Brexit, especially in foreign and security policy and justice,” said Søreide.

The fifth challenge is linked to a scenario where the EU and Britain do not agree on a signed agreement, the Foreign Minister said.


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