People from southernmost Norway disagree about who has the best shrimps

Fresh shrimpFresh shrimp.Photo: Sara Johannessen / SCANPIX

Fresh shrimps is an important part of the  summer in the two southernmost municipalities, but over the last few days the idyll  has been dampened  by local disputes about who has the best shrimp.

-Customers who are used to our shrimps, will quickly find out just by the taste  if we have caught  the shrimps in Kristiansand,  Arve Kolstø in the fishermen’s sales team in Grimstad  said to the newspaper Agderposten before the weekend.
The reason, according to him, is that kristiansandsrekene has less flavour than what they are used to in the Aust Agder.
-That’s new to me,  Thor Gunnar Martinsen, the captain on the prawn trawler Monsoon, which is housed at Flekkerøy in Kristiansand, says to Fædrelandsvennen.
The latter newspaper has now decided to solve the matter with a blind test. A bag of shrimps from Kristiansand and a bag of shrimps from Grimstad were purchased and tested on randomly selected passersby from Grimstad.
The result was, according to the newspaper with headquarters in Kristiansand, 3-1 to the Kristiansand shrimps.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today