Southerners are most satisfied with life

Southerners are most satisfied with lifeSoutherners are most satisfied with life.Photo: Morten Holm / SCANPIX

Residents in the south of the country are most satisfied with life, according to a national survey. Nationally young people under 30 are the least satisfied.

77 percent of respondents in the counties in the south and Telemark say they are satisfied with life, according to a national public health survey from Sentio Research, wrote P4. People in the eastern part of the country rate life almost as good with 74 percent despite coming in last place throughout the country.

– what we get to know is how people feel their lives are going, not how they actually are doing. So here we catch up on some cultural dimensions, values and ways of looking at life, this covers more than living challenges in an area, says senior Eugene Guribye by Agderforskning to P4.

– Having said that to be content with life is not the same as being happy. it has more to do with attitude in the southern part of the country, where Southerner often say “everything is fine,” continues Guribye.
The study also examines the degree of satisfaction in different age groups. Those over age 60 are most satisfied, while young people under 30 are less satisfied.

The Southern part of the country and Telemark peaked in late June, this is where the most active population is located, according to another Sentio survey. Here one of two answered that they follow the Directorate for Health advice and get at least half an hour’s exercise every day.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today