Sp demands to exterminate wild boar

wild boar centre party huntWild boar. Photo: Colourbox

The Centre Party wants to exterminate wild boar – demands organized culling

The Centre Party (Sp) demands that an organized hunt for wild boar must be launched in order to eradicate the species from Norway.


– We demand that an eradication plan be implemented so that we can shoot all wild boars that are in Norway and prevent them from spreading any further, says MP Emilie Enger Mehl to  NRK.

A report states that there are around 1,000 wild boars in Norway, and the number can increase to between 40,000 and 100,000 in a few years if nothing is done.

the animals can cause severe damage to fields, according to Mehl, who also indicate the risk of disease spreading from wild boars to domestic swine, as well as to humans. The animal is declared as unwanted in the Norwegian fauna and can be hunted without a specific license or season. It is however still not enough, according to the Sp Member of Parliament.

– We demand organized hunting so that there is a plan for removing all boars and that there will be no arbitrary culling onlyl when a wild boar crosses your path.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today