Sp positive to KrF demands

Marit Arnstad Centre Party KrfMP Marit Arnstad, Parliamenary leader for the Centre Party. Photo: Senterpartiet

Centre Party (Sp) open towards KrF demands

The Centre Party (SP) is positive to the Christian Democrat’s (KrF) demands for cooperation, and are willing to accept all ten points, according to the newspaper Vårt Land.


On Thursday, leader of KrF, Knut Arild Hareide, presented ten points that he considers crucial to KrF if they are to be a part of the Government after the parliamentary elections.

Among the points, there is no to liberalization of the biotechnology act, early ultrasound and abortion of twins. Other points include increasing aid to developing countries of at least one per cent point of the national budget and a no to an impact assessment of oil exploration of the areas Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja.

– Here there is a lot the Centre Party can agree to. There is nothing I’m negative to, says parliamentary leader, Marit Arnstad, to Vårt Land.

Dreams of Conservative / Centre Government

According to the newspaper, the Conservatives, The Liberals nor Labour wish to comment on the factual demands.

Hareide Thursday said that he would not refer to the demands as an ultimatum, but rather a roadmap for potential Government negotiations. For the party, the issues are more important than the Government constellation, although Hareide wish for a Government consisting of the Conservatives and the parties in the political centre, excluding the Progress Party.


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