Space technology, fish and local police reform for Solberg on Andøya

Andøya.Prime Minister Erna Solberg in conversation with CEO Odd Roger Enoksen at Andøya Space Center.Photo: Ørjan Vøllestad / NAROM / NTB scanpix

Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) visited Andøya municipality on Tuesday to learn about space technology, drones, fish and for a meeting with the police about the local police reform.

Andøya faces population decrease as a result of the Orion aircraft being moved from that air base to Evenes.

“It seems that the Andøya population, despite these challenges, have taken positive steps towards restructuring. Creating jobs and new livelihoods I regard as the most important,” says Solberg to NTB.

She says there are several reasons for optimism for the inhabitants of Andøya and those in the neighboring areas, including the high competence at the space center with regard to drones and space technology.

In addition, she highlights communication and satellites, and opportunities for business development.

Space Technology

The pupils she met came from the line for space technology at Andøya upper secondary school.

The Prime Minister calls the line an “incredibly exciting offer” for youth from all over the country. She believes space technology will be important for Norway in the future.

“I believe that space and space technology are among the most important things. This is particularly is important in the High North,” says Solberg.

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