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Spider stopped in military border control

Spider NATO border controlGolden Orb spider. Photo:

NATO Spider stopped in military border control

The Norwegian Armed Forces’ biological border control is activated before the large NATO exercise Trident Juncture. Wasp nests, snails and a spider have already been refused access to Norway, presumably without a valid visa.


– This vehicle must be disinfected before it is allowed to continue, says Veterinarian Ulrik Hansen. He removes the spider and its web. Soil and seeds have also been found on the same armoured truck.

The standard

A team of veterinarians working for the armed forces, equipped with flashlights and other periphenalia, checks absolutely all the equipment that comes into Norway during the NATO exercise, Trident Juncture.

The Supreme Commander of the Norwegian Armed Forces has made sure to update their Environmental Management Act before the NATO exercise. This came into effect on September 1st.

Nations that have been here before know where we set the standard, says Hansen.

Although it has been found both cones, seeds, soil, wasps and a spider, he concludes that most of the German material that came to Norway on Friday is properly cleaned.

It is also reported that snails are found during the control at Åndalsnes.

New to the game

It is often nations that have not trained in Norway before, which may face some biological challenges.

The Armed Forces have an environmental protection policy and a permanent team consisting of their own people who work with environmental protection and the protection of vulnerable areas.

Hansen, together with, several fellow veterinarians will conduct biological border control of approximately 8,000 military vehicles and other equipment coming to Norway in connection with the exercise that is starting on October 25th.


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