SSB: Record number of cabin permits issued in Norway during the pandemic

Cabins - cottagesPhoto: Erik Johansen / NTB

Last year, development permits were granted for 8,762 leisure buildings in Norway. That is an increase of almost 40% from the previous year, new figures from Statistics Norway (SSB) show.

The figures are far higher than what Norsk Hyttelag had expected.

Secretary-General of Norsk Hyttelag, Audun Bringsvor, says they saw a large increase in cabin sales in the first year of the pandemic. Now, he hopes that the cabin owners will take the cabins and cabin municipalities into frequent use even after the pandemic is over.

“The new figures at least indicate that Norwegians will to a greater extent choose cabin trips in the years ahead,” Bringsvor said.

Large increase

Most permits were granted in Vinje Municipality. Permission was granted for 249 cabins and cabin extensions, which is an increase of as much as 65% from the previous year. Vinje is followed by the municipalities of Flå (237 permits), Ringebu (205 permits), and Nesbyen (202 permits).

Nord-Aurdal was among the municipalities with the largest increase. There, 184 permits were granted in 2021, a tripling since 2020.

“We have actually seen a development over several years where people replace the holidays in the South with a more active and sustainable holiday here at home. And then we got the corona pandemic… that really opened people’s eyes to the safe and good cabin life,” Bringsvor noted.

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