Stable population of musk at Dovrefjell


The population of musk’s at Dovrefjell is stable. During this year’s census, 249 animals were found.

The Norwegian Environment Agency (SNO) has completed the count, which purpose is to survey the number of animals in the herd and the distribution of cows, bulls and calves.

The Environment Agency reports that the census shows that there at least 249 animals living in Dovre now, compared to about 220 animals last year. Of these, at least 114 are adult cows, 25 newborns and 44 adult bulls. The rest are made up by individuals born in 2014 and 2015.

– The Net outcome corresponds well with the census made in 2016, because we probably found all the animals, according to senior adviser in SNO, Tord Bretten.

Before this year’s calving there were 137 potentially sexually mature animals in the population, probably providing an increase of the populace of between 80-90 calves, and therefore a stipulated total of between 330 to 340 animals after calving.

– Based on the registrations in recent years, we assume that part of this year’s calves will die of pneumonia in the late summer or autumn, Bretten concludes.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today