Starting the new year with freezing swim

Started the new year with freezing bathStarted the new year with freezing bath.Hans Petter Meadow (L), bear Kare Salvesen, Lars Dark and Trygve Bauge in the Norwegian isbadeklubb.Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Norwegian Ice swimming club started the year with a cool dip at Sørenga in Oslo on January 1st.

January 1st is the International Day for ice swimming and a group of people jumped into the sea in the capital. This year there was no ice to break through at the swimming facility at Sørenga but Trygve Bauge of the Norwegian Ice swimming club measured the water temperature at one degree.

After the swim there was the oppertunity to take a little trip in the temporary sauna

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today