The state covers private IVF treatment abroad – but not in Norway


Couples who want to undergo IVF treatments in private clinics can not get this covered in Norway, but you can get it covered abroad.

Vårt Land writes that couples who choose public health ‘test tube clinics’  in Norway, gets funding for three attempts at the state’s expense, subject to a long wait.

Couples who choose private clinics in Norway must meet the costs themselves, but if they choose approved private IVF clinics in an EU / EEA country, they can get three attempts covered by the state if they meet strict requirements. Chairman Lise Boeck Jakobsen in Wish Child says this cannot continue.

– Today there are long queues for National Health IVF clinics . Therefore , many more chose a private solutions with shorter waiting times, she says.

Section Manager Hanne Grøstad in Helfo Abroad confirms that it may be the case that clinics abroad have shorter waiting times, but not everyone who applies will get their expenses reimbursed.

– Many are not informed well enough of the rules for reimbursement of IVF in EU / EEA countries.

People who choose to wait for public IVF treatment pay 1,500 kroner towards it. If you choose private treatment in Norway, you must pay around 30,000 kroner for one attempt, or 60.000 kroner for a package of three attempts.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today




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  1. Every country has their own laws. Such as Muslim countries do not allow the IVF treatments because of their religious regulations. But I am wondering about Norway that why they are not tolerating with this procedure? Whereas it is a very advance country, that should not ban this treatment for the reason that everyone wants to have a baby even if they are unfertile. If IVF treatment is approved as a solution for such people, then Norway should not be very strict in case.

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  3. I just applied to a IVF treatment in Norway but the sykehuset in telemark, (Porsgrunn) denied because I’m 39 years old and the max age to get the treatment is 38. My doctor told me that before 40 was the limit, somebody knows how it works, what can I do or where I should go, ima so sad, I felt that was my last chance to become a mother.

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