State to pay almost 120,000 kroner to Arfan Bhatti

Arfan BhattiIslamist Arfan Bhatti and Attorney John Christian Elden.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

The state was judged in Oslo District Court to owe the famous Islamist, Arfan Bhatti, close to 120,000 kroner in compensation and costs.


In the trial, Bhatti claimed to have been unfairly persecuted by the police and PST, and sued the state with claims for redress and compensation for lifelong lost earnings. He initially demanded millions more.

Bhatti has now been awarded NOK 47,600 in reimbursement compensation and NOK 70,245 in litigation costs, but the court did not find that he was entitled to compensation for lost job earnings.

The 41-year-old Islamist has been convicted several times for threats,extortion and violence, but was also acquitted in several cases, including the planning of terrorism.

Bhatti put forward court statements from several employers, revealing that the employment relationship was terminated as a result of the fact that Bhatti’s past had created negative reactions among the customers.

The court pointed out that this may also be due to the cases in which he was actually convicted.

“Based on the evidence, the court finds it unlikely that Bhatti has suffered any loss of income that can be reversed due to the part of the sentence that ended with conviction. The claim for compensation is therefore not complied with’’ the District Court wrote in its judgment.

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