Man in his sixties found dead in the ocean near Stavern

Sea King Helicopter StavernSea King, Photo:

A man in his sixties found dead in the ocean near Stavern in the Oslo fjord

A man was found dead in the afternoon outside Stavern in Vestfold on Saturday afternoon. The search for other persons in the ocean has ended.


It was rescue boat Stormbull who brought the dead man on board after they were noticed shortly before noon, Østlands-Posten writes.

For a while, it was uncertain whether there could be more people in the water. Therefore a search was initiated including a Sea King helicopter from the main rescue centre of southern Norway. The police believe the death is linked to the finding of a dinghy near Stavern earlier in the day.

Life jacket

– He was found by boaters northwest of Tvistein lighthouse. An empty boat has also been found near Stavern. The search mission is concluded, Tom Richard Skuggedal, tells the newspaper. Skuggedal is head of operations in the local police.

The man wore a life jacket when he was found. The police do not suspect that there is any criminal offense.

The deceased is identified as a man in his sixties from Larvik . His relatives have been notified.


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