Steen: The infection increase in Oslo was expected

Robert SteenPhoto: Lise Åserud / NTB

Infection in Oslo increased sharply between Tuesday and Wednesday. It was an expected development, but Health Councilor Robert Steen (AP) warns that a real outbreak can happen quickly.

“We have had a downward trend for a long time and come down to a low level of infection. At the same time, we still have infection in our city. This is a powerful reminder that we live in a more open city with infection,” Steen told NTB on Wednesday.

When the citizens of Oslo lower their guard, such outbreaks will occur, the Health Councilor believes.

“Anyone can be infected. We cannot mingle with all sorts of people very closely. We must remember that the infection is still among us,” he said.

Outbreaks can happen quickly

The Health Councilor refered to the strong outbreaks of infection that have recently affected Trondheim and Hammerfest.

“When it really flares up again, it can happen quickly,” Steen warned.

A total of 140 new corona-infected people have been registered in Oslo between Tuesday and Wednesday. A four-week record for a single day. 

The highest number of cases has been registered in the Nordre Aker district, with 45 new cases of infection, Vestre Aker, with 24, and Ullern district, with 11 new cases.

Stupid with infection among young people

The sudden increase in infection in Oslo West is partly due to infection among russ participants. 

“The fact that it involves russ participants is probably a bit coincidental. It could have happened quickly elsewhere as well,” Steen believes.

However, he pointed out that it is stupid that there is a lot of infection among young people now.

“We will start the mass vaccination of young people in a couple of weeks. Therefore, it is very stupid that there is a lot of infection among young people now. For example, people who are quarantined will be unable to attend their vaccination appointment.”

Steen: 10,000 vaccinations weekly

He is nevertheless optimistic about the time ahead.

“If we get the scheduled vaccines from national authorities, then we are now entering a period where we want to vaccinate very many people very quickly.”

He pointed out that everyone over the age of 18 should be vaccinated over eight weeks. On average, 10,000 people a week will receive the first dose of vaccine until the second half of July.

Tolerating more infection

Oslo can tolerate more infections now because the most vulnerable groups have been vaccinated, but still, between 300,000–350,000 people have not yet been vaccinated, Steen warned.

“Then it leads to extra strain for those who work with testing and infection tracking in the summertime when they should actually get some rest. That worries me,” Steen added.

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