Still 24 police positions at Storskog even with no more asylum seekers!

Police Chief Ellen Katrine HættaKirkenes.Police Chief Ellen Katrine Hætta.Photo : Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Police in Kirkenes still have 24 temporary positions despite the fact that there are no longer more asylum seekers arriving in Norway via Storskog. It creates dissatisfaction in the rest of the county.

Last year, Police Chief Ellen Katrine Hætta in Finnmark requested 24 additional temporary positions to Kirkenes in order to handle asylum situation at Storskog.

The positions she got to keep during the year, although police did not believe in any new asylum situation, reported by NRK news.

Police chief officers knew in May that she may dispose positions she wants but the policemen are still remain in Sør-Varanger.
– It is a paradox to us that the 24 positions will be located in Kirkenes, while we have enough people in the summer, said by police consultant support in Honningsvåg, Runar Elde.

Hætta says she has considered the matter and concluded that it would be contrary to the regulations to relocate police positions.

– Even after half a year it is difficult to do anything about it. It is not correct to say one day that police officers should have attendance in Hasvik and the next day they are needed in North Cape. It is contrary to all the rules, she said to NRK.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today