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Still more cases of hate crime

PolicePolice.Photo: Norway Today Media


In 2016, the police received 466 cases of hate crime for review, 34% more than the year before.


The figures appear in a new report on hate crime from the police directorate.

The police directorate consider the increase in the number of cases as positive. It’s believed to be connected to the fact that many cases are now being revealed and registered,’ said Kristin O. Kvigne, Head of Division at the Police Directorate.

Hate crime is defined as offence caused by negative attitudes to other people’s religion, or philosophy of life, race, ethnic origin, sexuality, or disability. These may involve violence, threats, verbal abuse, damage to property, and other types of offence.

Two thirds of the cases reported in 2016 had to do with skin colour or ethnic origin, 19% were related to religion or belief, and 12% concerned sexual orientation. 7% of cases concerned disability.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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