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Still danger of explosion in particleboard factory

Wave of forest fires in Northern EuropeFirefighters, photo: pixabay


Danger of explosion in particleboard factory

Saturday night there is still danger of explosion after a fire in a particleboard factory in Orkanger. 54 people are evacuated.


– The fire department has set a safety distance of 100 meters from the scene due to explosion hazard. We are guarding the site, informs Trøndelag Police on Twitter at 21:45, CST on Saturday night.
When the fire department finally had control over the flames at 7 p.m, it had passed four and a half hours since the fire started, writes Adresseavisen.

Chemicals and gas

The particleboard factory is located in the Grønøra industrial area at Orkanger. There were three people inside the building when the fire broke out.

Everyone was taken care of by health personnel and are not seriously injured, says police deputy leader Solveig Eide to Adresseavisen.

Meanwhile, 54 residents were evacuated from a residential area close to the site and are taken care of at the Bårdshaug Manor.

A safety zone of 200 meters was established around the plant because of containers containing chemicals and gas in the building, says operations manager Arnt-Harald Aaslund. This zone was halved later on Saturday night.

Poisonous smoke

– There are several companies that are located in the same building. The fire department therefore also worked to clarify who owns what and where, says fire brigade leader, Geir Haugdahl, to Adresseavisen.

The fire department says that the smoke from the fire can be toxic, and therefore asked people close windows and keep their distance.
Police was informed of the fire at 14:30. A witness told the newspaper that the fire seemed explosive, and that there was heard loud bangs from the fire.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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