There are still spies in the north

Mayor Rune RafaelenKirkenes. Mayor Rune Rafaelen.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Mayor Rune Rafaelsen  in southern Varanger has said dat particulieren en bedrijfsleiders moeten have been tried as agents by the secret Norwegian services.


The Labor Party (AP) mayor told Dagbladet newspaper that in recent months he had been contacted by several people who had felt pressure.

“Several people have contacted me.They say they have been asked what they have perceived as Norwegian intelligence,two contribute with information. The secret service want information about who the people meet in Russia,’’ he said.

The mayor pointed out that he does not know whether it is the Intelligence Service or PTS who had contacted the persons.He said this also applied to business executives, who had been asked to engage special people for missions in Russia.

“Three to four people have contacted me and they had perceived it as very unpleasant. With the Frode Berg case as a backdrop,it is not hard to understand that such a task can have major consequences.’’

Frode Berg was arrested by Russian security police in December last year,charged with espionage. He claims he had worked for Norwegian intelligence and been tricked into a trap.

Rafaelsen  emphasised that he is not criticising the E-service or PST.

Communications Manager Kim Gulbrandsen of the E-service indicated that they operate a lawful business under Norwegian law,but do not want to comment on whether they have contacted people.

Also,PST Communications Director said human sources are one of many methods used to get information.


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