Stoltenberg comments on infection figures in Norway, says she sees a “good sign”

Camilla StoltenbergPhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

Despite high infection rates, Norway has avoided the explosion in infection that the health authorities feared. 

“It seems that the sharp increase has become less sharp. That is hopefully a sign that there will now be a flattening if we now continue to have such strict measures. Yes, that may be a good sign. I think that is a good sign,” FHI director Camilla Stoltenberg told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, around 1,085 infection cases have been registered nationally.

Calculations that the infection numbers could reach 2,500 this week have not materialized.

It may be a sign of flattening, but Stoltenberg still believes it is necessary to have the strict national measures that the government presented on Tuesday, partly due to the Easter holidays. 

In Oslo, in particular, the infection is still high, with 429 new corona infection cases on Tuesday.

Stoltenberg still hopes that the authorities can start easing the measures in May. However, in order for such a development to take place, a lot needs to happen.

“We need to see the number of new infections decrease, as well as a decrease in the areas that are hardest hit, Oslo and Viken in particular. We need to see that we can manage to maintain the testing activity. We preferably need to see a change in the number of those who become seriously ill, i.e., in the number of those who are hospitalized and need intensive treatment,” Stoltenberg concluded.

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