Stoltenberg comments on meeting with Russia, says there is still a real danger of armed conflict in Europe

Photo: AP Photo / Olivier Matthys

NATO has offered a new round of talks to Russia, but Moscow has so far not accepted the offer, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said at a press conference on Wednesday.

The press conference followed a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council, the first in two and a half years.

“We offered a plan for further talks on a number of topics, including the deployment of rockets in Europe,” Stoltenberg said.

The issue of Russian short- and medium-range missiles in the Kaliningrad enclave and western Russia was one of the topics on which NATO hoped to make progress in Wednesday’s meeting.

Communication channels

The talks could include topics such as military communication channels that can help avoid dangerous incidents, the reopening of the NATO office in Moscow, and the reopening of Russia’s NATO office in Brussels.

At the same time, Stoltenberg made it clear that even though the Russians were not in a position to accept new talks immediately, they did not reject the offer. The representatives said that they needed time to come up with an answer.

“I hope Russia’s response will be positive.”

Stoltenberg emphasized that there is still a real danger of armed conflict in Europe.

“That is why these meetings are so important,” he noted.

Russia’s proposals

In the meeting, NATO is said to have made it very clear that it is not stepping away from its central principles in the conflict.

“Only Ukraine and 30 allies can decide when Ukraine is ready to become an ally. No one else,” Stoltenberg said, warning about the danger of re-establishing spheres of influence in Europe.

Russia is said to have presented and argued for the proposals that have previously been sent to the United States and NATO. Several of these proposals have been rejected by NATO. At the same time, there are some other things that can be negotiated, according to Stoltenberg.

“It is possible to agree on verifiable, mutual arms control. We said that very clearly.”

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2 Comments on "Stoltenberg comments on meeting with Russia, says there is still a real danger of armed conflict in Europe"

  1. A day ago, Putin’s spokesman Peskov said the Russians would walk out of talks if there was no progress on their (legitimate) bottomline security concerns, and the headline on the Russian government’s Russia Today right now is “No unifying positive agenda between Russia & NATO, Moscow says after talks,” so that’s it, and we the West have left the Russians with no option *except* to invade Ukraine.

    WE broke our promise to them not to push NATO east after the fall of the Soviet regime (which I helped with my research and activism on its 1940 Katyn and other massacres).
    (“Newly Declassified Documents: Gorbachev [was] Told NATO Wouldn’t Move Past East German Border” in the 12Dec17 issue of The National Interest.

    WE broke our US/UK Budapest peace agreement with the Russians not to intervene in Ukraine, with our 2014 Kiev coup.*

    They canNOT trust us, and on his 100th birthday just before he died Washington Post had Reagan Sec/State George Shultz’s article about how mutual trust was vital for any good faith negotiations and how we had that between Reagan and Gorbachev, to enable the fall of the Soviet regime and welcome the Russian people into the West … which our “neoconservative” economic and foreign/military policies and aggressions then destroyed.
    (The neocons are coup-, revolution-, and war-spreading (“Arab Spring”) utopians quite Trotskyist like their older members once openly were – the very opposite of conservative. The neocon label is just for gullible conservatives.)

    Yesterday, VG startlingly showcased two Norwegian Young Communist girls – our Cassandras – appealing to us to understand the Russians’ perspective, pointing out that if Mexico or Canada joined a military alliance with China and/or Russia we Americans would be reacting the same way.
    And we did: in 1983 when there was a pro-Soviet coup on strategic Grenada within *our* inner security perimeter President Reagan retook it within a week!
    And just a couple months ago, the president of Haiti who had warmed up to China was assassinated by Colombian mercenaries like who have served us in the past.

    27 MILLION men, women, and children died as a result of the Nazi 1941 invasion of the East – 18 million of them Russian, who included Putin’s 2 year old brother Viktor and nearly both his parents. Russians instinctively fear another attack from the West just like Jewish people fear another Holocaust.

    Norwegian parents and grandparents should be face-to-face asking their Members of Parliament if Norway isn’t going to be dragged into a US vs. Russia war via NATO and if so where are the fallout shelters they – we – should go to. Are they stocked with everything necessary to survive 3 months, and will Norwegian (rather than vigilante or other) law be in control of them? Every person in Norway should know exactly where to go and what to do well in advance. There will be even less time than there was on 9 April 1940.

    Are NATO missile submarines in Norwegian fjords? If so, the Russians will have to nuke every fjord they think they *may* be in, and intense radiation will wash all over Norway … and there is still active if not permanent contamination just from Chernobyl 1986 up in the Dovrefjell.

    With our coup, we were and are the aggressors in Ukraine, and the Russians have only counter-moved like we would … and did.

    And despite NATO members trying to talk up our righteousness and nerve … right into World War 3 … we are alone in the world about this. Only America and the neo-Nazi Right Sector coup-spawned Ukraine government – Ukraine Nazi government – voted against anti-(neo-)Nazi UN General Assembly Resolution 169 a month ago: 130-2-40. (WHY would Norway not vote against an anti-Nazi resolution?? … after all the Holocaust education about people doing nothing to stop the Nazis and that?)
    WHY would US Sec/State Tony Blinken authorize us voting against it, after all the hoopla about his stepfather being a Holocaust survivor??
    He literally made himself and the rest of us Americans Nazi collaborators!)

    So if we do start a world war, the world won’t be sure to be on our side like it was in World War 2.

    There are 2 possible evil motives for Biden&Blinken pushing our aggression against Russia in Ukraine. Biden is very Catholic and the Uniate Catholic church is very much involved with the neo-Nazi Right Sector.
    In 1999, Biden and fellow senator John McCain tried to use our wrongful – Rambouillet Appendix B which I whistle-blew in American academia on H-Diplo on 14May99 – Kosovo bombing war to get a war/dictatorial presidential powers resolution passed, and their buddy Joe Lieberman was controlling Bill Clinton with MonicaGate.
    The Senate then knew what was going on and voted the dictatorship down 78-22 – note, no abstentions.
    Then, blackmailing Obama with “the fiscal cliff,” McCain got Obama to sign off on emergency powers in NDAA 2012, which a major military confrontation like Ukraine Biden could use to activate his Latin dictatorship.

    Time has run OUT. Norwegians MUST start demanding answers and real civil defense from your MPs and ministers, and your ministers MUST speak out internationally to try to STOP this insanity … World War 3 and the deaths of many of not most of our own loved ones … instead of just sheep-like going along with it … as soon as possible.

  2. Footnote for * above:
    Kiev 2014 was a COUP, not a “revolution.”

    1. French neocon guru Bernard-Henri Levy – described as the “architect” of the Libya holocaust and in various photos with Sarkozy, Cameron, and even “me too” Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein (for his Oath of Tobruk propaganda film) … and a Washington Post darling – led the agitation if not the coup itself.​

    2. Ukraine pilot-heroine Nadezhda Savchenko – now a member of Ukraine Parliament – confirmed a couple years ago now that the snipers who killed the Heavenly Hundred demonstrators were anti-government, which escalated the protests with homicidal violence into the “revolution”/coup.

    First, there is a 2015 paper (updated with video testimony in 2017 and 2018 and on presented by Univ. of Ottawa political studies professor Dr. Ivan Katchanovski verifying that the snipers who killed the Heavenly Hundred protestors – thereby escalating the demonstrations into a revolution/coup with false flag homicidal violence – were in buildings controlled by the anti-government opposition – not the government’s Berkut security service. Title: The Maidan Massacre in Ukraine: Revelations from Trials and Investigations.

    But there is also the report that 40 Ukraine Right Sector snipers were trained in Poland, in the left wing Polish journal Nie/No, edited by former Jaruzelski Communist government press secretary Jerzy Urban, who on 7 March 1989 stunned everyone publicly confirming that it was the Soviet NKVD who had massacred the Poles at Katyn and elsewhere and had indeed done so in early 1940. Although Urban had also disseminated disinformation in his job and is very leftist, this Nie article by Marek Miszczuk achieved credibility giving names of places – Legionowo Police Training Center – and officials apparently involved – the director, Dr. (again) Roman Stawicki – and confirmation of the 40 remarkable “students” from the Ukraine and their character from local townspeople. (which has now disappeared, of course, but is still being cited elsewhere).

    3. Timed to the Sochi Winter Olympics to delay and deter immediate Russian reaction which it did.​

    4. Arch-neocon Victoria “F the EU!” Nuland – her husband is Robert Kagan and her in-laws are Fred and Kim Kagan, all hardcore neocons – and our ambassador selecting Yats the banker for power. Then McCain, CIA’s Brennan, and even Joe Biden going in there to try to legitimize the coup and its illegitimate government.​

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