Stoltenberg: NATO members will continue to supply weapons to Ukraine

Jens Stoltenberg - NATOPhoto: AP Photo / Virginia Mayo

NATO countries will continue to supply Ukraine with weapons.

Ukraine’s Dmytro Kuleba was a guest when the foreign ministers of the NATO countries met at the Alliance’s headquarters on Thursday. He has previously participated via video, but he was physically present this time. Before the meeting, he said he had only three wishes: “Weapons, weapons, and weapons.”

“Either you help us now, and I’m talking about days and not weeks, or the help will come too late. Then many people will die. Many civilians will lose their homes. Many villages will be destroyed,” Kuleba told the press in Brussels.

Asking for more powerful weapons

Ukraine has repeatedly called for the West to contribute more powerful weapons to support its fight against Russian forces, including air force systems and anti-tank weapons. NATO countries have been reluctant to send offensive weapons and have instead mainly sent defensive weapons. Kuleba strongly criticized such a position. 

“Distinguishing between attack and defense no longer makes sense when it comes to the situation in my country,” Kuleba said.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg agreed with him and emphasized that Ukraine is defending itself against a military attack. He also said that there was a strong will among the member states to continue supporting Ukraine, including several arms shipments.

“A clear message surfaced at the meeting today – the Allies should do more and are ready to do more. They want to provide more equipment, and they recognize the importance of acting quickly,” Stoltenberg said at the press conference after the meeting.

He did not want to go into details related to the type of weapons. 

“I understand that you are asking specific questions about specific weapons, but it is important to understand that the Allies believe it is best not to share details about weapons shipments. We send a lot of different systems, both from the Soviet era and other types,” Stoltenberg replied.

Several media outlets have reported that the Czech Republic is the first country to send Soviet-made tanks and armored vehicles to Ukraine, but the Czech authorities haven’t confirmed the information yet. 

“We sacrifice our lives”

In several places in Ukraine, the Russian forces have withdrawn and regrouped, which the Allies should take advantage of, Stoltenberg pointed out. It provides a favorable window to increase the supply of weapons to Ukrainian forces.

Kuleba has, in particular, approached the German authorities regarding a potential increase in arms supplies. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock says they are working intensively to increase support.

“I think Ukraine offers a fair deal. You give us weapons, we sacrifice our lives, and the war is limited to Ukraine,” Kuleba said.

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  1. Correction: NATO will continue its war against nuclear superpower Russia via Ukraine and then …

    Again, it was obvious long before the war that NATO can indeed defeat Russia in a conventional war.

    So where this goes next is as grimly obvious as it is a nightmare … for which Norwegians and other NATO citizens have been criminally unprepared by their arrogantly reckless governments.

    OR we the West could instead call off NATO and just give the Russians the fair security treaty they need and we owe them after our past broken security promises to them, our breaking of the Budapest peace agreement with the 2014 Kiev coup, and our 4 attempts to regime-change/overthrow Eastern governments, including Russia’s – the overthrow of Ukraine being the only one (so dangerously) successful.

    But that would be far too easy, fair, and humane and would prevent millions of innocent men, women, and children in Norway as well as the rest of Europe from dying horribly in the nuclear holocaust we and our loved ones – our children – are being pushed into.

    Bored-with-peace, war-rabid European lemmings.

    How did we get such … leaders?

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